NexPlayer develops video player for all smart TVs

NexPlayer has developed a video player for all smart TV devices that offers the same feature set available on Android and iOS.

The company said it lets customers manage one player for all smart TV devices. NexPlayer SDK is optimised for Android TV devices while NexPlayer HTML5 can be integrated into Samsung Tizen or LG WebOS smart TV apps.

NexPlayer is also compatible with modules that provide analytics, ad-insertion, advanced audio, watermarking, and other services.

“By unifying their OTT platform under one player, NexPlayer allows media organisations to reuse their Android and iOS streams for their smart TV video apps,” said Carlos Lucas, general manager of NexPlayer.

“These organisations save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent preparing various workflows. Don’t worry about configuring your application for the native player of each Smart TV model. With our player, one-size-fits-all.”

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