Kaltura launches Targeted TV solution

Video technology provider Kaltura has launched a new Targeted TV solution that uses AI and machine learning to extend the capabilities of its Cloud TV platform.

Kaltura Targeted TV uses artificial intelligence to segment TV audiences and offer tailored experiences that are designed to increase content usage reduce churn.

The offering is aimed at pay TV operators, telcos, media companies and broadcasters using the Kaltura TV Platform.

“In a crowded market where many viewers sign up for multiple TV services, Kaltura’s Targeted TV solution equips Cloud TV operators with the tools they need to stand out from the crowd and win hearts, minds and wallets,” said Shay David, media and telecom president and general manager, Kaltura.

“Data is king and Kaltura Targeted TV helps our customers turn their vast oceans of data into meaningful insight that can be used to promote highly relevant content, offers and experiences to each end user.”

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