Cyfrowy Polsat and Netia unveil joint marketing initiative

Polish pay TV operator Cyfrowy Polsat and fixed-line service provider Netia are launching their first joint marketing initiatives since Cyfrowy Polsat agreed to take a minority stake in the operator in December.

Cyfrowy Polsat and mobile arm Plus will offer Netia services with a discount available for SmartDOM subscribers.

The pay TV operator will provide Netia internet services with up to 100Mbps, up to 300Mbps and up to 900Mbps speeds, a double-play package of internet and TV with three internet options and two TV packages to choose from with 115 and 157 channels respectively, a double-play package comprising fast internet and telephony, and a triple-play package. A SmartDOM discount of PLN10 will apply in all cases.

Cyfrowy Polsat agreed to take a 32% stake in Netia in December, with plans to up its stake to 66% through a tender offer. The company described the move as a strategy investment aimed at further developing a multi-play offer and strengthening the implementation of its convergence strategy.

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