Simplestream taps Nice People At Work for data analytics

On-demand OTT TV technology specialist Simplestream has tapped video intelligence outfit Nice People At Work (NPAW) to provide data analytics technology for its ‘VOD-in-a-box’ service and OTT projects.

The first Simplestream customers to have access to data analytics from NPAW are those using the VOD-in-a-Box platform, for whom the analytics went live last month.

The initial deployment was of Youbora by NPAW, the company’s video analytics suite, with the additional modules SmartTracking for detailed user experience metrics and SmartReports for segmented data exports, being made immediately available.

Simplestream plans to launch additional features in 2018 such as SmartUsers: for churn prediction, customer behaviour and segmentation, and SmartSwitch, which automatically switches between CDNs to improve end user QoE, according to the pair.

“After an intensive evaluation process, we have chosen NPAW as our data analytics partner. As we and our customers mature we are often able to provide cutting edge functionality by partnering with a best of breed technology provider. For data analytics the power and flexibility made NPAW the best choice for Simplestream and its clients. In particular its unlimited filtering and segmenting of data was a key Youbora differentiator,” said Lewis Arthur, COO, Simplestream.

“The crux of this partnership is to give our customers more data on how their end users consume content. What works, what doesn’t work – what type of content is resonating with my userbase and where are they? The interface is designed to be useful for a range of skillsets, from marketing who can use the segmentation tools, technical teams who can monitor the quality and ‘happiness’ of each individual video view, to the C-level daily email reports for senior management. I’m looking forward to our bespoke and our VOD-in-a-Box customers getting access to market leading, insightful analytics from which they can derive real value.”

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