Forbidden Technologies becomes Blackbird

Cloud video technology outfit Forbidden Technologies has changed its name to Blackbird and has unveiled new products.

The company said that the use of the Blackbird brand as the company’s master brand reinforced its differentiation from between competitors.  Blackbird provides access to live and file-based video cloud workflows for reviewing, logging, frame-accurate editing and publishing, using Blackbird’s video codec. To date the Blackbird platform has processed over eight million hours of professional video content, according to the company.

New products include Blackbird Ascent, a new collaborative interface, Blackbird Forte, which gives users access to collaborative workflows into logging and transcription, frame accurate clipping, and editing with single and multi-camera environments including live-switch multi-camera editorial from the cloud, and Blackbird Mac Edge, an extension of the Blackbird Edge solution to run on Macs for file-based workflows.

Blackbird is headed by former Turner northern European chief and BBC Worldwide executive Ian McDonough, who took over as CEO of Forbidden Technologies last September.

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