Mediapro producing VR coverage of UAE football

Spanish broadcaster and producer Mediapro is to produce a virtual reality live broadcast of the UAE football league, covering a minimum of 10 of the best remaining matches from the current season.

The UAE professional football league has teamed up with Mediapro Middle East to enable live-streaming in VR of matches of the Arabian Gulf League competitions from the current season.

Mediapro has partnered with VR specialist Vysion to use the latter’s Vroadcaster platform to live-stream and produce on-demand versions of matches.

Viewers in the UAE will enjoy an immersive experience as if they were pitch-sided or sitting at the stadium, and will be able to select their own camera viewpoint through a specially designed VR app for Android, IOS and web based platforms.

The project is under the umbrella of what will be called the AGL VR Seat Experience and is being sponsored by telecommunication operator Etisalat.

Mediapro said that the project builds on its growing digital involvement and that it represented a step forward in its commitment to the creation of virtual reality content, an investment born from its museum and exhibition space and videogames content development divisions.

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