Polish police make arrests over illegal IPTV network

Police in Lublin, Poland arrested three men last week who were charged with illegally distributing pay TV.

Polish_police_IPTV_serversThe men, aged between 30 and 57 years old, were accused of illegally streaming more than 160 TV channels over the web, in a case that was highlighted by the AAPA (Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance).

Polish police said the men could have made close to PLN3.5 million (839,000) in revenues through their activities.

The investigation was led by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin with police seizing nine servers, 12 computers, set top boxes, tablets, phones, more than 60 hard drives and USB sticks, and a range of documents.

The news comes a week after Europol and the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA) helped to dismantle an illegal IPTV streaming business following raids in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece.

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