NTV+ launches 10 new channels

Russian pay TV platform NTV+ has launched 10 new channels via the Eutelsat 36B and Express AMU1 satellites for subscribers in the western half of Russia.

National news channel Izvestia, hunting and fishing channel Dikiy (Wild), series channel NTV-Hit, family-oriented generalist channel Super, lifestyle channel Usad’ba TV and fashion channel Yuvelirochka Moda (Jewelry Fashion) joined the NTV+ basic package yesterday.

Bollywood channel Zee TV is available via the Kino+ package. Pre-school kids channel Malysh TV (Baby TV) is now part of the Detskiy (Kids) package, while fishing channel Dialogi o Rybalke (Talking about Fishing) joins the Razvlekatel’nyy (Entertainment) package. Extreme sport channel Tochka Otryva is now part of NTV+’s Supersport package.

Spike and Dorama will meanwhile switch to the Kino+ package on January 10.

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