VR Industry Forum to publish guidelines at CES

The Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VRIF) is due to make its first set of VR Industry Guidelines generally available at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

VRIF_200pxIt will outline its 2018 roadmap during a two-hour masterclass at the trade show and showcase VR demonstrations from Fraunhofer and Qualcomm.

Featured speakers at the CES event will include experts from Ericsson, Intel, Irdeto, Sky, TNO, and Greenlight Insights. Topics that will be addressed include six degrees of freedom, live virtual reality services and support for high dynamic range.

 “As virtual and augmented reality continue to evolve, the VRIF Guidelines serve two main purposes: first, to support end-to-end interoperability across the virtual reality ecosystem, from production to consumption, and second, to ensure a high-quality user experience,” said Rob Koenen, president of the Virtual Reality Industry Forum.

“As the industry moves towards standardised VR solutions, we are also cooperating closely with other industry organisations including MPEG, 3GPP, DVB, VR Society and ITU to facilitate technology integration for VRIF member companies and other related partners.”

The VRIF launched at CES 2017 to further the widespread availability of high quality audiovisual VR experiences for the benefit of consumers. It now has more than 40 member organisations.

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