VR Industry Forum to publish guidelines at CES

The Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VRIF) is due to make its first set of VR Industry Guidelines generally available at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. It will outline its 2018 roadmap during a two-hour masterclass at the trade show and showcase VR demonstrations from Fraunhofer and Qualcomm. Featured speakers at the CES event […]

VR Industry Forum to present industry guidelines

The Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VRIF) is due to present the first draft of its industry guidelines at IBC this year. The guidelines will emphasise interoperability and are designed to spur on the availability of “high quality audiovisual VR experiences”. The initial release will focus on the delivery of 360° video with three degrees of […]

Ultra HD Forum publishes latest guidelines

The Ultra HD Forum has made the latest version of its industry guidelines public prior to the opening of IBC in Amsterdam later this week. The Ultra HD Forum said its guidelines working group is also currently working on future versions of the document, which will include more details on security, such as forensic watermarking. […]

Ultra HD Forum releases guidelines for UHD content

The Ultra HD Forum has released its first phase of industry guidelines on end-to-end workflows for creating and delivering live and pre-recorded UHD content. The guidelines are designed to help members of the Forum target deployments in 2016 and address technical and commercial challenges – such as production, distribution and consumer decoding of UHD programing […]

EGTA publishes new audience measurement guidelines

The association of television and radio sales houses, EGTA, has published new guidelines for audience measurement that will consider all content, no matter where, when and on which device it was viewed. The guidelines for the future of audiovisual audience measurement recommend that a new “viewer-centric” approach should include all content across all screens, instead […]