EGTA publishes new audience measurement guidelines

The association of television and radio sales houses, EGTA, has published new guidelines for audience measurement that will consider all content, no matter where, when and on which device it was viewed.

The guidelines for the future of audiovisual audience measurement recommend that a new “viewer-centric” approach should include all content across all screens, instead of silos that capture individual screens separately.

The new measurement should use the existing TAM (television audience measurement) system as a basis, but also integrate video census data as part of a new “hybrid approach”, said EGTA.

In terms of advertising, the association also called for the “harmonisation of advertising metadata” across all video content: “A system that allows for the possibility to break down the data between devices and to show how multi-screen video campaigns can help drive traffic from one medium to another.”

EGTA said it was important to allow broadcasters and their sales house to drive change and lay the foundations for any future solution when it comes to the evolution of audience measurement.

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