Vimeo adds HDR support

Vimeo has added support for high dynamic range (HDR) content and videos of up to 8K resolution.

Vimeo_SDR_HDRThe video service said the update is about providing users with the “highest quality video experience possible”.

“With BT.2020 (or Rec.2020) support and wider color gamuts (WCG), your image will now represent over 75% of the colour that the human eye can see,” said Sara Poorsattar, Vimeo’s director of product, video.

Vimeo now supports 10-bit video, HEVC/H.265 as well as H.264 transcoding and 5K, 6K and 8K video resolutions.

“While 8K displays are just starting to hit the market, this isn’t just about your viewers: if you shoot in 8K we want you to be able to sell, distribute, or submit to festivals in the best quality possible,” said Poorsattar.

The move means that Vimeo users can watch HDR footage on the latest high dynamic range displays – including including the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and on compatible TVs via Apple TV 4K.

Vimeo videos that are available in HDR will be flagged with an “HDR” badge on the video page and player, and an SDR-optimised version will be available to those without HDR compatible devices.

The news comes after Vimeo agreed to buy live video platform Livestream in September and launched its own Vimeo Live product, offering live streaming through its platform for the first time.

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