Half of Portugal’s broadband homes can access over 100Mbps

AnacomRGBAAlmost half of fixed broadband users in Portugal enjoyed access speeds of more than 100Mbps at the end of June, up from 36.5% a year earlier. Some 70.3% of subscribers had access to over 30Mbps, according to figures released by regulator ANACOM.

The number of homes with access to 100Mbps services increased by 511,000 over the last 12 months.

Fibre is now the leading technology for fixed broadband access in the country, accounting for 35.4% of the total. Cable accounts for 33.1% and ADSL for 23.7%. LTE at a fixed location accounts for 7.6% of the fixed access total.

Fibre has also accounted for mots of the growth in the market. Fibre lines increased by 29.6% over the year, or by 280,000 in total.

There were 3.46 million fixed broadband subscribers in total at the end of the quarter, 1.3% more than the previous quarter and 205,000 more than for the same period last year.

Altice-owned Meo is the leading provider of fixed access, with a 39.8% share, losing ground somewhat to rival NOS, which now accounts for 37.7% of the total. Vodafone also gained ground with an 18% share, while Apax Group, owner of Nowo and ONI, accounts for 4.2%.

Revenue from standalone fixed access in the January-June period was €895 million, up 7.2%.

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