TiVo introduces new content discovery platform

TivoTiVo has introduced a new personalised content discovery platform that combines voice search with personalised search and recommendations.

TiVo’s Personalised Content Discovery is designed to support contextual voice queries and to return relevant results based on what a viewer is most likely to be interested in.

The conversational search capability spans across all content catalogues available to the consumer – such as linear TV, video-on-demand or over-the-top programming.

“Thanks to our fully-integrated approach, service providers can provide their customers with the flexibility of conversational search, going beyond traditional keywords and delivering a truly personalised experience that also drives their own business objectives internally,” said Pratik Patel, director of product management, advanced search and recommendations, TiVo.

“In the past, it was an incredibly timely and labour-intensive process to update search results. Now, changes can be created almost instantaneously, generating stronger, more relevant results for viewers while improving overall customer loyalty and engagement.”

TiVo described voice integration as “crucial”, with its most recent video trends report finding that 30.5% of Amazon Echo, Dot or Google Home owners said they now use voice assistants to help them find something to watch on TV.

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