KPN adds to TV base

KPNDutch telco KPN added 25,000 IPTV customers in the second quarter, along with 8,000 broadband customers and 9,000 post-pad voice customers.

KPN reported 2.346 million TV customers as of the end of June, up 1.3% year-on-year. IPTV customers numbered 2.055 million, up 4.7%, while other – mainly digital-terrestrial – TV homes declined by 17% to 291,000.

The company had 7.817 million revenue-generating units at athe end of June, down slightly year-on-year. It counted 1.727 million triple-play customers, up 1.9%, and 791,000 dual-play customers, up 3.3%.

Broadband customers numbered 2.893 million, up 1%, while voice customers numbered 2.578 million, down 3%.

Average revenue per household increased by €2 year-on-year to €42.

The company said that its investment in its core network and a decentralised content delivery network helped boost its customers’ experience, resulting in a doubling of the net promoter score of the IPTV service year-on-year.

KPN posted revenues of €1.631 billion for the quarter, down 2.7%, and EBITDA of €587 million, up 1.4%.

“We are firmly on track delivering the key priorities of our strategy. In the competitive Consumer market we are differentiating with a targeted household approach. Our market leading propositions that offer freedom of choice and our targeted marketing are generating increasing value per household. In Business, we are recognized as the best ICT service provider and the leading IoT operator. Our fixed-mobile bundling continues to gain traction in SME, which positions us well for up-and cross-sell of IT services. Nevertheless, we still have to improve customer satisfaction in Business towards a positive level and we continue to experience strong price competition in mobile in our Large Enterprise and Corporate segment,” said CEO Eelco Blok.

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