A+ Sport channel goes live in Africa

A+SportCanal+ International has launched a new sports channel for the African market branded A+ Sport.

The channel will show a variety of local and international sports, including coverage from the Jeux de la Francophonie, the final phases of the CAF Confederations Cup, and the Basketball Champions League.

A+ Sport is an offshoot of the A+ entertainment channel brand that Canal+ rolled out in July 2014.

A+ launched by offering both African and international content with roughly 40% of programming made in Francophone Africa, 40% elsewhere in African and 20% hailing from the Carribean or US.

Canal+’s parent company, Vivendi, said that the launch of A+ Sport ensures “strategic continuity” in Africa, focused around accessibility and proximity.

A+Sport will be offered exclusively on Bouquets Canal+ packages and as part of the EasyTV DTT offering in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire in Congo, and in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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