NTV+ teams up with Eutelsat for satellite internet service

Russian pay TV operator NTV+ has teamed up with Eutelsat to launch a two-way satellite internet service, delivered via the Express-AMU1/Eutelsat 36C satellite.

The service will be available throughout European Russia, the Urals and western Siberia, offering download speeds of up to 40Mbps and 12Mbps upstream, according to the pay TV operator.

Subscribers will be able to sign up from RUB275 a month (€4), with prepaid options also available.

NTV+ said that its offering would target individuals and small businesses as well as state and corporate customers, which currently account for 97% of satellite internet customers, according to TMT Consulting. The operator said that vast areas of the country were not covered by fixed networks or mobile networks of sufficient quality.

NTV+ CEO Mikhail Demin said that the potential market for satellite internet services reached by the Express-AMU1 satellite was 1.4 million.

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