NOS launches new bundled offering for the young

Portuguese cable and pay TV operator NOS has launched a new bundle of services targeting young adults who have left home for the first time.

The NOS Indie service includes 3GB of mobile data, a fixed internet connection, free access to social networking and messaging apps Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber outside of data plans. It also includes streaming service N Play, and 110 TV channels, available via the NOS TV app on tablets and smartphones outside of data plans, and on PCs.

The NOS Indie marketing campaign

The NOS Indie marketing campaign

NOS Indie will be available for €49.99 a month. Users who want to sign up for NOS’s advanced TV offering, UMA TV, can do so by paying an additional €7.50.

The NOS Indie mobile offering includes 1,000 minutes of talk-time, SMS messaging and the NOS card offer that allows users to buy two cinema tickets for the price of one in NOS’s own cinema chain. Subscribers can also buy three additional SIM cards for €11.90 each.

NOS is marketing NOS Indie with an advertising campaign featuring local actor, comedian and TV presenter Bruno Nogueira.

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