Access releases Netfront Browser BE SDK for Linux and Android

OTT video specialist Access has released its Netfront Browser BE software development kit version 2.4 for Linux and Android platforms. The HTML5 compliant browser provides a standards-based solution for operators looking to deploy a single service across multiple platforms, according to the company.

Targeted at system-on-chip vendors, connected device manufacturers, automotive platform suppliers and OEMs, NetFront Browser BE is based on a Chromium Blink core. The browser is provided in a pre-packaged software development kit for embedded devices, according to Access.

According to the company, the new browser provdes improved integration capability ,and support for industry standards including HbbTV 2.0.1, ARIB STD-B62/TR-B39 for 4K and 8K, Freeview Play 2017 and YouTube on TV 2017. It also includes in-built content protection through Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), providing a standardised approach to DRM controlled access to premium content.

“Driven by the rise of multiscreen-friendly Over-the-Top services, all operators know that they need to provide a consistent user experiences across a myriad of devices in record time frames, and without a prohibitive price tag. Being able to shrink development time and maintenance costs without compromising on the subscriber’s experience is crucial, and HTML5 is the only way to achieve it,” said Neale Foster, managing director and COO at Access Europe.

“Beyond the built-in support for HTML5 at the heart of our NetFront Browser family, the latest release of NetFront Browser BE adds third party media player support to its existing features, which provides much tighter integration with today’s platforms. In short, we are enabling operators to use their current platform investments more effectively, with agile solutions that answer the market’s current and future needs.”

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