Paywizard adds new data features to platform

Billing and customer relationship management software specialist Paywizard has added new data-focused enhancements to its Paywizard Agile subscriber management product.

According to the company, the new features provide pay TV operators with a more complete data-driven view of their customers and predictive analytics tools that identify individual subscribers’ propensity to churn and then recommend specific actions to retain those at risk.

Paywizard has tapped its partner Genius Digital to add the new capabilities to to its platform. Pay TV operators using Agile are now able to tap into Genius Digital’s ability to analyse audience data, along with Paywizard’s capabilities in subscriber decision-making and transactional behaviour, according to Paywizard.

Paywizard will highlight the new capabilities at next week’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Bhavesh Vaghela

Bhavesh Vaghela

Paywizard and Genius Digital announced their partnership earlier this month, stating that they would provide provide operators with a data-driven view of each subscriber’s customer journey, from acquisition to possible churn.

“Armed with the single customer view the combined forces of Paywizard and Genuis Digital offers, operators are better positioned to track and analyse subscriber behavior from all angles. The result is a powerful platform that pay TV operators can use to build a picture of the full customer lifecycle – from acquisition to churn – that will drive overall strategy and individual engagement,” said Bhavesh Vaghela, Paywizard’s recently appointed CEO.

“As an example, the Decision Moments framework might flag that, based on the data, a customer taking a premium sports subscription used mainly to view football, along with a VOD movie channel that is hardly watched, presents a high risk to churn. It will then set out a number of downgrade options – such as cutting the base package price by only including a football channel and a pay-per-view movie service – at the next point contact. The result is a customer who was wavering now sees the operator taking proactive action to keep them happy.”

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