YouTube Go launches in India

YT Go Screen Grabs - PR (3)YouTube has launched a beta version its offline service, YouTube Go, in India after months of “testing and refinement”.

YouTube said that the service is available for Android devices and is designed to be offline-first to improve the experience of watching videos on a slower network.

YouTube Go also offers video recommendations based on user-preferences; controls to manage data usage; and the ability to share videos with friends.

“To get us to this point, we’ve worked hard on refining the features that you’ve inspired us to build, gaining new insights along the way,” said YouTube product manager, Jay Akkad.

“Some things we’ve learned in the run-up to this beta release include making the home screen fresher and more relevant for users, so they can find amazing videos easily.

“We’ve also worked hard behind the scenes to make sharing videos with nearby friends an even more seamless experience, and ensuring that the app works well across a wide range of phones and connectivity.”

YouTube first announced its “offline first” mobile app for the Indian market in September. The new beta version of the service is available to download from the Google Play Store.

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