Google Assistant to launch on Android TV

Google_Assistant_Android_TVGoogle is planning to roll out its voice-controlled Google Assistant service to Android TV devices as part of an upcoming update.

Announcing the move on the opening day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Google said that Assistant would be available on supported TVs and set-top boxes powered by Android TV.

“You’ll be able to ask the Google Assistant for help so you can enjoy the content you love, faster than ever, on the best screen in your house. No more typing or struggling to get to what you’re looking for — just ask the Google Assistant for help and you’re off to the races,” said Android TV director, Sascha Prueter.

Once available, the new Nvidia Shield Android TV box and gaming device will be the first TV device to offer a hands-free Google Assistant experience.

In the coming months, it will also be available on all Android TVs in the US running Android version 6.0 (also known as Marshmallow) or Android 7.0 (Nougat) – such as the AirTV Player, Sharp Aquos, Sony Bravia, Xiaomi Mi Box.

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