Amazon redesigns Fire TV interface

amazon_FireTV1._CB522273299_Amazon has redesigned the user interface for its Fire TV set-top box in a bid to make finding content to watch “fast, easy and enjoyable”.

The new interface includes video trailers and content screenshots on the homescreen, which can be viewed without needing to open and close different apps.

Amazon has added the ability for users to make customisable apps lists on the home screen by pinning content to a new ‘My Apps & Games’ row.

It has also opened up cross-app voice search so that instead of just searching for content in Amazon’s own video library, users can now also get voice search results from Netflix.

“More content services will be integrated over time, allowing customers to easily search for content and find the best way to watch content across a number of different channels and apps,” said Amazon announcing the changes.

Addition, Amazon has added enhancements to make it easier for users with hearing or visual impairments to navigate the service.

The update is available now for the Fire TV with 4K UHD box and will be rolled out to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and the first generation Fire TV boxes in early 2017.

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