Kantar to deliver extended audience measurement for Turkey

Kantar Media logoTIAK AŞ, the joint industry committee for TV ratings in Turkey, has awarded Kantar Media a contract to continue delivering the official TV trading currency for the country until at least 2020, with the option to extend until 2022.

The existing service, awarded to Kantar Media in 2009 and reporting since 2012 will be expanded to report TV viewed on tablets, PC’s and smartphones for up to plus seven days.

Core TV, or TV viewed on the television set, ­ will be measured through a panel of a minimum 4,000 households. The existing PeopleMeter technology will be enhanced to enable reporting of time-shifted viewing for up to seven days after the original live broadcast in addition to TV monitoring for 40 channels.

Extended TV, or TV viewed on tablets, PCs and smartphones, is planned to be measured using a 25% sub-set of the Core TV panel in addition to an independent digital panel planned for 2,000 households. Broadcast content from 150 channels will use comScore streaming tags alongside Kantar Media’s online PeopleMeter to report TV and video viewing across devices. This technology will have the capability to report video-on-demand and native online video content in the future, subject to the consent of the industry and adoption of trusted standards and independent tagging of the content specific to the digital world, according to Kantar.

TIAK AŞ members include the Advertisers’ Association Reklam Verenler Dernegi, the Association of Advertising Agencies, Reklamcilar Dernegi, and major media groups.

“We are delighted to continue delivering the official TV currency in Turkey and excited that the service is going to be expanded. As the world leader in total TV audience measurement, TIAK AŞ and its members will continue to benefit from our deep experience across the world as we deliver a holistic picture of TV consumption in this exciting market,” said Mesut Sakal, managing director of Kantar Media Turkey.

“The growth of device ownership and that of opportunities to view TV & Video content has grown at an unprecedented rate in our country. Equipped with the needs of media and brand owners to expand the scope of TV broadcast measurement, following an open and rigorous tender process, we are delighted to announce that Kantar Media has been awarded as our supplier of choice. Advertising models may change, precedences of the mediums may change, content delivery and consumption may develop but fundamentally TV as the proven medium will remain firm,” said Ibrahim Eren, chairman of TIAK AŞ.

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