Sony Pictures agrees VR deal with Nokia

Nokia OZO camera

Nokia OZO camera

Sony Pictures has agreed a VR deal with Nokia that will see it explore the “creative potential” of virtual reality production and distribution.

Under the new multi-year worldwide agreement, Sony Pictures will use Nokia’s OZO VR camera and software to create 360-degree 3D content and live experiences.

Sony will also integrate the OZO Player SDK into Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Privilege Plus app, which will bring “unique content to fans”.

“VR is a fast growing medium that is rapidly changing how we communicate and bringing a deeper connection to how we experience content,” said Paul Melin, vice-president of digital media at Nokia Technologies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures and its talented storytellers to apply our technology and create experiences only possible with OZO – like 3D 360 live VR broadcast.”

Scot Barbour, vice-president, production technology at Sony Pictures added: “Nokia’s OZO camera and its suite of professional tools are an excellent solution for content creators because they seamlessly integrate into established production processes and workflows, and enable the real time capture and broadcast of VR content.”

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