Deutsche Telekom sees TV numbers grow

deutsche telekom-logo-roofDeutsche Telekom now has over 2.8 million TV customers in Germany, having added 41,000 in the third quarter, and over four million elsewhere in Europe, having added 49,000 in the three months to September.

Telekom released the statistics with its quarterly financial results.

The figures mean that Deutsche Telekom’s German TV base has grown by 7.1% year-on-year, while its European base elsewhere has grown by 4.6%. TV-specific revenues in Germany amounted to €51 million for the nine months, up 2%.

In Greece, Telekom-backed OTE had 1.6 million TV customers, up 10%. In Romania, Telekom Romania had 1.46 million TV customers, up 2%, while in Croatia, T-Hrvatski Telekom had 394,000 TV customers, up 2.3%.

Hungary’s Magyar Telekom had just over one million TV subscribers, up 4%. Slovak Telekom had 517,000 TV customers, up 5.7%. Deutsche Telekom’s Czech unit had 16,000 TV homes.

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