Com Hem’s Boxer takeover gets competition authority approval

boxer denmarkCom Hem’s SEK 1.33 billion (€144 million) buyout of rival Swedish pay TV operator Boxer has received approval from the Swedish Competition Authority.

In a statement, Com Hem said the acquisition is now expected to complete “shortly” having received all necessary approvals.

The news comes after the Swedish state, through cabinet minister Mikael Damberg, approved the sale of Boxer earlier this month.

“We are very happy about the Competition Authority’s announcement. We are now working at full speed to close the deal as soon as possible”, said Com Hem CEO, Anders Nilsson.

Com Hem first agreed to buy Boxer in June. At the time it said that the deal will help it to move into the single dwelling unit (SDU) market in Sweden as Boxer, the pay TV operator in the DTT network in Sweden, has roughly 500,000 subscribers that are predominantly in this market.

These customers will get access to fibre over the coming years, marking a “significant acceleration opportunity” for Com Hem, according to the company.

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