Barcroft Media launches animal channel

BM_BEAR Barcroft animals _02298376_bs_0000000006116784Multichannel Network provider Barcroft Media has launched a new YouTube channel dedicated to the world of animals.

The MCN’s latest channel features animal stories from around the world. Barcroft Animals will focus on the genre that parent company Barcroft TV says has consistently been the most successful with its 2.3 million subscribers.

Barcroft is, for the first time, delivering six original series from launch. These include Safari Live, featuring real-time coverage of animals in their natural environment, and showcasing wildlife events across Africa, Beast Buddies, exploring the world of people who love and are obsessed with animals and Snapped!, a show that provides wild animal footage.

The other originals are Dog Dynasty, featuring Hulk, the the world’s biggest pit bull, and following owner Marlon as he runs Dark Dynasty K9’s dog protection business in the US, Wild Rescue, featuring stories shot by vets and wildlife ranges rescuing animals in the wild, and Cute as Fluff, featuring baby animal stories.

“Our audience is fascinated by animals and inspired by natural history. Launching with a collection of serialised digital content on our new channel Barcroft Animals will allow us to tell more of the stories we know our viewers love. It also gives us the opportunity to build brands and incubate whole video series in the digital space before taking them to linear broadcast,” said Barcroft Media CEO Sam Barcroft.

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