Es’hailSat highlight Es’hail-2 plan and new teleport

Es'hail 2

Es’hail 2

Qatar-based satellite operator Es’hailSat is using IBC to showcase Es’hail-1, its craft for the MENA broadcast hotspot of 25.5°/26° E and the forthcoming Es’hail-2 scheduled to join Es’hail-1 in 2017. Es’hailSat said it is is implementing a number of products and services to be launched on Es’hail-2 when it becomes operational next year.

Es’hailSat has also started construction of its own teleport which will be operational in 2017. The new facility at a dedicated site north of Doha, will support control and capacity management for Es’hailSat satellites, together with teleport services such as uplink, downlink, turnaround, multiplexing, encoding and playout. The teleport will also provide back-up studios for TV channels and serve as a disaster recovery facility for broadcasters, and will be linked with key media broadcasters by a redundant, dedicated fibre optic link.

Ali Ahmed Al Kuwari, president and CEO of Es’hailSat said: “With Es’hail-2 and our new teleport coming online in 2017, we have been scaling up on our marketing and sales efforts, and IBC is an ideal platform for us to showcase our capabilities and service offerings in the international arena. We believe we have the optimum solutions to support broadcasters in the MENA region and beyond, not only in terms of technical capabilities and performance but also in terms of security of content. We see this exhibition as an important element in our strategy to attract international customers who value broadcasting independence and quality of service.”

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