Es’hail-2 enters commercial service

Qatar satellite operator Es’hailSat’s recently launched satellite, Es’hail-2, has entered commercial service to target the government, broadcast and telecommunications sectors in Middle East and North Africa. Es’hail-2, designed with Ka-band spot beams and Ku-band wide beams, joins Es’hail-1 at the 25.5⁰ East/26.0° East MENA broadcast hotspot and will augment the capacity already available there to […]

Es’hail-2 gets ready for launch

Qatar-based satellite operator Es’hailSat’s new satellite, Es’hail-2, has arrived atht eSpaceX launch facility in Florida in prepration for launch on November 15. The satellite is now undergoing final preparation at the SpaceX launch facility for launch on board a Falcon 9 rocket. The Mitsubishi Electric Company-build craft offers Ku-band capacity for the 25.5° East/26° East […]

Eutelsat sells stake in 25B satellite to Es’hailSat

Eutelsat has sold its interest in Eutelsat 25B to the satellite’s co-owner Es’hailSat for €135 million. Eutelsat described the 25.5° East satellite as a “non-core asset” and said the sale was part of its policy of maximising cash generation. The satellite generated revenues of roughly €16 million for Eutelsat in full-year 2018 from video services. […]

Es’hailSat highlight Es’hail-2 plan and new teleport

Qatar-based satellite operator Es’hailSat is using IBC to showcase Es’hail-1, its craft for the MENA broadcast hotspot of 25.5°/26° E and the forthcoming Es’hail-2 scheduled to join Es’hail-1 in 2017. Es’hailSat said it is is implementing a number of products and services to be launched on Es’hail-2 when it becomes operational next year. Es’hailSat has […]

Es’hailSat outlines future plans

Middle East satellite operator Es’hailSat plans to launch its Es’hail-2 bird by the end of this year, and discussions are underway with customers and stakeholders to define the requirements for a third satellite, Es’hail-3, according to the company. The operator plans to place Es’hail-2 at the 26° East hotspot to enable it to continue to […]

Al Jazeera HD bouquet launches on Es’hail-1

Al Jazeera Media Network has launched a new HD bouquet on the Es’hail-1 satellite at 25.5° East. Al Jazeera, which was the first channel to broadcast via the first Es’hailSat satellite in 2013, is launching its HD bouquet, which includes content from Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera English. New services Al Jazeera Mubasher and […]

New Qatari cultural channel launches

Qatari cultural channel Al Rayyan 2 has launched on the Es’hail-1 satellite located at the 25.5⁰ East. Al Rayyan Satellite TV channel was launched in 2012 with the focus to showcase Qatari cultural and national identity. Al Rayyan 2, broadcast in HD, carries programmes featuring Qatari culture, tradition and religion in addition to entertainment, business, […]

Al Araby Television Network launches with Es’hailSat

London-based channel provider Al Araby Television Network has launched an SD channel aimed at young people in the Arab-speaking world via Es’hailSat. Al-Araby TV in SD has begun broadcasting on the Es’hail 1 satellite, operated by Middle East satellite operator Es’hailSat, at the 25.5° East position covering the Middle East and North Africa. The channel […]

Es’HailSat taps SES unit for teleport build

Middle East satellite company Es’HailSat has tapped SES’s TechCom unit to provide technical expertise and engineering advice for the creation of a new teleport near Doha.  The teleport, which will be situated to the North of the Qatari capital, will provide satellite control and communications support for the Es’hail 2 satellite, and offer up-linking and […]

Es’hailSat order second satellite for 26° East

Qatar-based satellite operator Es’hailSat has ordered its second satellite, which will be built by Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric (Melco). The satellite, Es’Hail 2, will be positioned at the Middle East hotspot of 26° East. It will have a Ku- and Ka-band payload and will provide TV distribution and government services as well as the first satellite […]