African Movie Channel launches Series on Azam TV

AzamTVPay TV broadcaster African Movie Channel has launched its AMC Series channel on Tanzania-based pay TV operator Azam TV’s platform.

The move means that Azam TV subscribers will be able to watch Nollywood and other premium African TV series spanning drama, comedy, reality and lifestyle genres.

The addition of AMC Series complements the 24-hour African Movie Channel dedicated to Nollywood movies, which has been available on Azam TV since 2013.

Azam TV is currently available via satellite in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Ghana. The platform offers about 80 channels including eight free-to-view services.

AMC founding partners Lola Onigbogi and Yinka Mayungbo said: “With this second channel launch on its platform, Azam has strongly reaffirmed its belief in brand AMC. Our vision is for every TV household on the continent to have the opportunity to watch both our channels, AMC and AMC Series, and enjoy a wide range of exciting but wholesome local family programming – this launch moves us one step closer to realising that vision.”

Tido Mhando, CEO of Azam Media Limited said, “We are delighted to extend our long-standing partnership with AMC. Their movie channel has consistently remained a top performer on our platform, and our subscribers have been making it clear to us at every opportunity that AMC Series needed to join the action.”

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