New channels for UPC in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Liberty Global’s cable subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have added new channels to their respective programming line-ups.

UPC Czech Republic has added Slovakian movie service Joj Cinema HD, lifestyle channel Relax HD and new wholly-owned prmoo channel UPC Show HD.

Lifestyle channel Fashion HD will meanwhile be made available to mobile TV users via the Horizon Go platform.

The operator has lost Universal Channel, which is no longer available in the Czech Republic.

The changes leave UPC Czech Republic’s TV service with 143 channels, including 55 in HD.

UPC Slovakia meanwhile has also added Joj Cinema both in SD and HD, Czech culinary channel Mňam TV, Mňau TV, a channel focusing on animals and pets, lifestyle service Fashion TV HD, and movie channel Filmbox Premium HD.

Liberty Global recently combined its Czech and Slovakian operations under a single management team led by acting CEO Martin Miller. Other members of the combined team were confirmed a week ago. They include chief financial officer Petr Procházka, sales and customer service director Patrick Bodinoli, marketing director Jan Kohout, technology, IT director Branislav Forgáč, brand and communications director Karel Smrz and strategy director Pavel Škarda.

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