Dutch OTT outfit M2M targets global expat market

Mobile2MorrowDutch start-up Mobile2Morrow (M2M) plans to launch a mobile-centric OTT TV service, aggregating content from channels targeting migrant audiences globally, this summer, with a target of reaching between 250,000 to 300,000 subscribers by the end of next year.

Speaking to DTVE at the recent NEM event in Croatia, M2M chief executive Edwin Snelderwaard said that the company had developed a platform that delivers OTT video to iOS, Android and fourth-generation Apple TV devices.

Snelderwaard said that M2M currently has about 100 channels on the platform, with plans to grow this to between 300 and 500 in the medium term, and with a goal of reaching 1,000 channels ultimately.

Channels on the service include public channels targeting expatriates and international version of domestic channels.

Channel partners can connect to the platform for free.

“The cost for the channel owner is nothing,” said Snelderwaard. Channels will be able to charge a subscription fee to viewers, and their content will be protected from piracy, he said.

M2M will also provide data on viewing and usage patterns to the channel providers. “Every month the channel owner gets an overview of how many people are watching,” said Snelderwaard.

M2M will make money by taking a revenue share of subscription fees, he said.

In addition to targeting mobile devices, M2M is also providing its own streaming box, an Android-based platform that Snelderwaard says also supports 4K content.

In addition to live streaming of channels, Snelderwaard said that M2M is looking into interactive and 360° TV, and plans to add video-on-demand capability to supplement the live services.

M2M launched in beta mode a couple of months ago, with most channels on board so far from Europe. Snelderwaard says that more channels are expected to join the platform soon from a range of countries worldwide.

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