Roku: 43% of young UK adults have cancelled plans to stream video

Roku 2Some 43% of UK adults aged 18-34 have admitted to cancelling or not showing up for plans with friends in order to stream content, according to research commissioned by Roku.

The MACRO Consulting research, conducted on behalf of the streaming device maker, found that 64% of adults in this age group admitting to being late due to streaming, while 38% said they had lied about watching a movie, TV show or sporting event in order to feel “included as part of a group”.

Other findings of the survey include: 14% of Brits place value on streaming to their television over brushing their teeth; 23% of Brits would give up intimate relations with their significant other in order to stream; and 54% of Brits would give up caffeine in order to stream content.

The results are taken from an online survey taken by 2,824 adults aged 18 and older in the US, UK, Canada and Mexico between April 27 and May 1.

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