HbbTV Association to launch operator app specification

hbbtv logoThe HbbTV Association has announced plans to launch a specification for operator applications, based on the existing HbbTV 2.0 specification.

TV operators will be able to develop their apps using commonly used web technologies, including HTML5, and the specification will be suitable for operators of any kind of free of pay TV service delivered over satellite, terrestrial, cable and IPTV.

“The HbbTV Association is encouraged by the support it has received for extending the range of use cases that the HbbTV technology can support,” said Klaus Illgner, president of the HbbTV Association.

Freesat CTO, Matthew Huntington said: “We are extremely pleased and supportive of the work HbbTV is doing to bring standardisation to operator applications. For Freesat it presents an exciting opportunity to offer a branded experience to customers on a new range of devices.”

Operator applications are apps offered by TV service providers that run on a TV or a set-top box. . They deliver the key elements of the television user experience – including channel navigation and a TV guide.

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