Canal+ acquires Alterna’TV

AlternaTVCanal+ Group has acquired Alterna’TV, the platform set up by Eutelsat Americas to distribute Latin American channels overseas, notably in North America.

Aterna’TV channels are currently received by over six million subscribers in the Americas via cable and internet TV. Along with the acquisition, which was carried out via its Thema channel distribution subsidiary, Canal+ has signed a long-term capacity agreement with Eutelsat to distribute the platform via the Eutelsat 113 West A and Eutelsat 117 West A satellites.

Canal+ said the acquisition aligned with its ambition to grow its position in North America, where Thema set up a local office in 2013. Thema will create a new integrated business unit that will combine its existing activities in the region with Alterna’TV.

“The acquisition of Alterna’TV marks a new step in our partnership with Eutelsat with whom we have been working since our creation. It will allow us to scale up our presence in North and Latin America and will reinforce our team and the portfolio of channels we offer pay-TV operators in these markets. It will complement the platform we already operate in Canada with Terra Terra – that notably distributes Planète+ in Canada and became part of Thema in January 2016 – to create Thema America which aims to become a privileged partner of operators, replicating our success with our European model that draws on an innovative editorial and commercial approach,” said Thema CEO, François Thiellet.

Patricio Northland, CEO of Eutelsat Americas, a subsidiary of Eutelsat, added: “Our relationship with THEMA and Canal+ enters a new phase with the signature of this agreement. We plan to continue to support the growth of Alterna’TV in the Americas through our fleet of high-power satellites and unique local infrastructure. I take this opportunity to thank the Alterna’TV teams for their significant contribution to its success over the years.”

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