Game of Thrones tops global TV Twitter traffic

HBO's Game of Thrones

HBO’s Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones generated the most Tweets globally among 16 of the World’s most popular TV shows last year, with 16.646 million Tweets, according to research commissioned by UK electronics retailer Currys/PC World. Game of Thrones Tweets generated 133 billion potential total impressions, according to the survey.

The Walking Dead came second in the list with 12.126 million Tweets and 63 billion potential impressions. These two shows were far ahead of third-placed Empire, which generated 2.16 million Tweets, with Mad Men and The Great British Bake Off making up the remainder of the Top Five.

The survey found that broadcast TV shows have a clear peak day of the week when most Twitter content is generated, but Twitter traffic for shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime is more dispersed. It found that TV shows that are established and have gone beyond their first or second seasons tend to have higher levels of Twitter activity.

Game of Thrones generated most Tweets in the US, the UK and Brazil, with Tweeters more or less evenly split between males and females and most coming from the 35-plus age group.

Sixty per cent of The Walking Dead’s Tweets came from the US, far ahead of the next-placed territory Brazil, which generated 8.5% of Tweets about the show. Fifty-eight per cent of Tweeters were female, mostly in the 35-plus age range.

Top-placed non-US show The Great British Bake Off generated 80% of its Tweets in the UK, with two out of every three Tweets coming from females.

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