Cisco, Ericsson, Intel collaborate on 5G router

ciscoCisco has announced plans to collaborate with Ericsson and Intel to develop what they say is likely to be the industry’s first 5G router.

Announcing the move at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the companies said that the next generation router is designed to handle high definition video streaming and an expected explosion in Internet of Things services.

The development will help business and residential customers achieve faster networking speeds, lower latency, and the ability to handle exponentially more Internet-connected devices, according to the firms.

As members of the Verizon 5G Technology Forum, Cisco, Ericsson and Intel said they are also partnering with Verizon in a bid to accelerate the pace of 5G innovations.

“This collaboration of industry leaders and 5G pioneers will help to enable secure, ultra-high speed wireless bandwidth. The solution will offer Gigabit-per-second speeds by combining Cisco’s enterprise networking innovations with Ericsson’s advanced 5G mobile networking technology and Intel’s next-generation 5G silicon,” according to the firms.

Kelly Ahuja, senior vice president of Cisco’s service provider products and solutions said: “Today’s announcement represents a major step forward in mobile technology that will have a tremendous impact on businesses and consumers.”

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