Ericsson launches Integrated Video Insights

Ericsson logoEricsson has launched a data analysis toolkit for TV and media companies, designed to let clients aggregate, analyse and act on large amounts of data.

Integrated Video Insights is designed to help media players – like content owners, broadcasters, and TV service providers – understand what users want, value most or don’t need, according to Ericsson.

The toolkit can be delivered as a standalone solution or as an expansion module for the Ericsson Expert Analytics suite. The service builds on Ericsson’s TV and media, big data and analytics, and consulting and systems integration portfolios.

“What Integrated Video Insights does is it analyses that and it generates meaningful reports and actions intended to drive business outcomes,” Fransisco Huerta, Ericsson’s head of TV and media systems integration offerings told DTVE.

“The driver for why this is a good thing comes from the changing behaviours of consumers and the fact that you’re no longer pushing content towards them – you’re pulling that content based on their preferences.”

Integrated Video Insights is designed to help media players aggregate and analyse large amounts of data from users, video platforms, and networks.

Media companies can use it to improve their content commercialisation strategy, identify the investments required to increase average revenue per user, and ensure their content is consumed under optimal conditions, according to Ericsson.

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