Iskon adds UFC with Fight Channel

FIGHTCHANNEL LOGOT-Hrvatski Telekom-owned Croatian IPTV platform Iskon has added combat sports service Fight Channel, which holds rights to the Ultimate Fighting Championship competition in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, to its TV offering.

Iskon will include Fight Channel in its extended basic package.

Fight Channel Group provides three services – Fight Channel and Fight Channel PPV in the former Yugoslav countries, and Fight Channel World HD, which is distributed internationally.

“The launch of Fight Channel, as a unique sport channel specialised in combat sports with boxing, kickboxing and MMA [mixed martial arts], will definitely strengthen Iskon’s portfolio and enrich its sport offer since combat sport is fastest growing sport in the world,” said Orsat Zovko, CEO of Fight Channel Group.

“Fight Channel is 100% localised in the Croatian language and it has exclusive rights for the ex-Yugoslav territory to, among other brands, UFC, which is the number one fighting brand in the world. The launch of Fight Channel on the Iskon platform adds to the channel’s presence on all major platforms in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia.”

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