Broadcasters to ‘complete move to IP’ by 2025

futuresource_nevion_request_ip_researchMore than a third of broadcasters are already using the web in live production, with the industry due to “complete the move to IP” by 2025, according to new research.

The study, carried out by Futuresource Consulting on behalf of media transport specialist Nevion, predicts that broadcasters will be using IP for live production in the next 10 years.

Some 41% of respondents to the research said they had already begun the transition to IP in live production – with this shift having begun in 100% of the workflows identified for large set-piece events like the Olympic Games or World Cup.

Futuresource found that large set piece events and TV shows recorded live will lead the transition to IP with 50% of respondents anticipating the move by 2020. Meanwhile only 7% of respondents said they had no plans to transition to IP in live production.

“IT equipment and software has been present within the broadcast industry for well over 15 years now, with file-based workflows used widely around the world. The last area holding out from the transition to IT based system and architectures is live production, the most precious but also most complex form of content production,” said Adam Cox, senior analyst, broadcast and professional video equipment, Futuresource.

Nevion CEO, Geir Bryn-Jensen, said: “We may still be the in early days of the transition to IP across the whole production, but the trend is gathering pace. So while they’re not replacing their SDI infrastructure wholesale in their facilities, the change is happening and the foundations for a migration to IP are being laid now.”

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