CSA confirms plans for public channels in HD after MPEG-4 switch

TDF Besan_on_Bregille transmitter_2528French media regulator the CSA has confirmed that public broadcaster France Télévisions’ France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô channels will be able to air in HD and that flagship channel France 2 and cultural channel Arte will cease broadcasting in standard-definition when the country migrates its digital-terrestrial services to MPEG-4.

Responding to a request from the country’s ministry of culture and communications to reserve spectrum for the pubcaster’s national channels in HD, the CSA said that the France 3, France 5 and France Ô would air in HD on the R1 multiplex, while France 5 is expected to air on multiplex R4.

France 2 and Arte will air in HD only on multiplexes R1 and R4 respectively following the switchover, which will see 700MHz spectrum freed up for mobile applications.

The CSA also said that parliamentary channels for the Public Sénat and LCP Assemblée Nationale will continue to air after the switchover on the R6 multiplex.

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