T-Hrvatski Telekom completes transition to all-IP

Davor Tomašković and Claudia Nemat

Davor Tomašković and Claudia Nemat

Deutsche Telekom-owned Croatian telco T-Hrvatski Telekom has staked its claim to be the third operator in the EU to complete its migration to an all-IP infrastructure.

According to the telco, all customers and services are now plugged in to an all-IP network, enabling it to offer higher quality services and develop advanced offerings as well as the convergence of fixed and mobile telephony and data services.

T-Hrvatski Telekom has over the last five years replaced 72 local exchanges with two facilities located in Rijeka and Zagreb.

CEO Davor Tomašković said that T-Hrvatski Telekom had invested more than HRK500 million (€65.5 million) in transitioning to an all-IP architecture since 2010 and that the company would invest over HRK1.3 billion this year in networks and services, 25% more than in 2014.

Claudia Nemat, member of the board of T-Mobile Europe responsible for technology, said that the achievement was a trunign point for the entire Deutsche Telekom group.

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