Espial contributes HLS and MPEG-DASH technology for RDK

TV technology provider Espial has contributed additional software to the code base of the RDK initiative that it says will enable HLS and MPEG DASH adaptive streaming in an RDK environment.

According to Espial, the additions will enable pay TV operators to offer additional OTT options as well as adopt a simplified software approach for set-top boxes, other IPTV platforms and OTT devices.

The Espial software is now available as open source for use by RDK members.

“We’re pleased to bring support for HLS and DASH streaming to RDK devices – capabilities which are critical for the next generation of Pay TV services. As the RDK environment grows, it allows Pay TV operators to quickly intercept new OTT markets with a wide range of platforms and services,” said Kumanan Yogaratnam, CTO, Espial.

“The RDK provides a common software foundation for the Pay TV community – including cable, satellite and telco operators – by enabling new services and applications to be developed faster,” said Jason Briggs, Senior Director of Licensing and Strategic Development, RDK Management LLC. ”Espial is a key contributor to the RDK community and, through these contributions, are helping to move the entire RDK community forward.”

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