ANACOM imposes restrictions on Meo

Portugal TelecomPortugal’s regulatory authority, ANACOM, has imposed reporting obligations on telco Meo – the operating name of Portugal Telecom – in relation to its provision of the country’s digital-terrestrial network.

Under the new rules, Meo, now controlled by Numericable-SFR-owner Altice – will be required to provide detailed information on its website about DTT coverage and the provision of alterative satellite reception where this is not available.

The Portuguese government has guaranteed that 100% of the country’s population will have access to DTT channels. However, in some cases – amounting to about 7.5% of the population – this will be provided via satellite. Meo is responsible for bearing the burden of costs that individuals incur as a result of changes to the DTT network, and for equalising the costs incurred by those who require satellite antennas, to those able to receive the channels via DTT.

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