Telekom Romania launches catch-up and cloud DVR

Telekom Romania lifestyleDeutsche Telekom-owned Telekom Romania has launched  catch-up TV service, cloud-based DVR and home media player functionality for its interactive TV customers.

The Arhiva TV service will allow viewers to watch programmes shown within the last seven days. The service is available to Telekom Romania’s interactive TV subscribers.

A new Cloud Plus service will allow viewers to store up to 100 hours of SD or 42 hours of HD programming in the cloud for a fee of RON6 a month.

Interactive TV customers can book recordings via the TV, while other customers can use website. Interactive TV customers can benefit from a free version that allows them to record up to 30 hours of SD TV or 13 hours of HD TV.

Telekom Romania is also launch a new Media Player service that will enable satellite TV customers to view home media and other content via the TV by plugging other devices into their receivers via USB.

This article has been amended. The original version incorrectly stated that the service would be available for satellite TV customers of Telekom Romania. 

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