Tele Columbus makes changes to top management team

Joachim Grendel

Joachim Grendel

German cable operator Tele Columbus has made a number of senior management appointments ahead of its integration of smaller service provider Pepcom.

Joachim Grendel, the former chairman and CEO of Primacom, which Tele Columbus acquired earlier this year, is leaving the company at his own request.

Integration of Primacom and Pepcom will be led by new chief integration officer Jens Müller, CFO and CEO of Primacom since last year.

The new management team will include Stefan Beberweil as chief marketing officer, Diana-Camilla Matz as chief customer officer and Ludwig Motra as chief technology officer. Housing industry sales will be led by Jean-Pascal Roux.

Beberweil was previously Tele Columbus’s chief commercial officer for wholesale and retail businesses. Matz was previously head of customer management at the operator.

Motra was previously CTO at Primacom. Tele Columbus’s former CTO Reinhard Sauer is leaving the group.

Roux was previously director of corporate and SME sales at Tele Columbus before moving to housing industry service provider Minol. He most recently served as head of B2B at Primacom.

CEO Ronny Verhelst and CFO Frank Posnanski remain in their current roles.

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