Fix&Foxi breaks into Francophone Africa with Ma Télé

fix&foxi yfeGermany-based programmer YourFamilyEntertainment has launched its Fix&Foxi channel on Ma Télé, the HD platform for Francophone Africa owned by set-top manufacturer Strong that launched on the Eutelsat 16A satellite earlier this year.

Fix&Foxi will air as Ma Télé Toonz, a new French-language kids channel with an exclusive line-up of content for the platform, with different programs at different times to the version of Fix&Foxi on other African platforms such as ConSat and Azam Media.

The Ma Télé service will offer its mix of animated and live kids content on the channel, which will be offered free-to-view for the first year, on an exclusive basis.

Strong launched the Ma Télé bouquet in April along with Shashatee, a new service for Arabic-speaking viewers in Africa. The two services are designed to target new markets alongside the My TV Smart service for English-speaking African that has been offered under the My TV brand for several years.

YourFamilyEntertainment has a similar deal for the Anglophone version of the platform, where the channel is branded as My TV Toonz.

Ma Télé TV launched with a range of about 30 channels, including its own branded services and AB Sat’s Bis Africa service, initially targeting Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“This launch with our partner Ma Télé from Strong Technologies further expands the reach of Fix&Foxi Channel with a dedicated service in African French and marks the continued and sustained growth of the brand in EMEA as we roll out our high quality learning based kid’s channel around the world,” said Paul Robinson, executive vice-president, international channels, YourFamilyEntertainment.

“We are proud to announce the launch of Ma Télé Toonz and delighted to offer younger viewers quality and educative animation content. The channel is being offered on a free-to-view – subscription-free – basis over an initial one-year launch period. As such, it is only accessible with duly registered and ‘paired’, Ma Télé/My TV-compliant receiving equipment,” said Carine Mouawad, Ma Télé head of programming.

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