TiVo sues Samsung for patent infringement

TiVo logoTiVo has filed a patent infringement action against Samsung, in a lawsuit that covers four patents, including its ‘Time Warp’ and ‘Trick Play’ patents.

The 389 Time Warp patent, which is due to expire in 2018, and two other related patents that have expiration dates further into the future, will be asserted in the case.

These relate to much of the core functionality of the TiVo DVR software and hardware, including recording one program while playing back another.

The 195 Trick Play patent is also cited in the action, which enables TiVo DVRs to pause live TV, and play, rewind, fast-forward, speed up and slow down television signals cached by the DVR.

“Today’s action should help address one of the questions regarding the value, breadth, and applicability of TiVo’s IP portfolio post the 2018 expiration of the ‘389 patent,” said TiVo in its earnings announcement document yesterday. TiVo has previously litigated with other companies over the Time Warp and Trick Play patents.

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