GS Group launches new advanced set-top

GS group E502Russian technology provider GS Group, which supplies equipment for market-leading pay TV operator Tricolor TV, has launched a new twin-tuner server set-top box under the General Satellite brand, designed for the Russian market, the GS E502.

The device includes two DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners to allow viewers to watch TV simultaneously on two screens.

Iusers can view content on a mobile device if they have a valid satellite TV subscription and the relevant app..

The GS E502 comes with an internal 500GB hard drive, providing recording and pause live-TV functions, and is also equipped with USB, SCART, HDMI and Ethernet connectors and S/PDIF digital audio output. A remote IR-sensor can be connected for control of the set-top box using a remote control board.

The box comes with the Stingray TV software developed by the group’s GS Labs unit, which supports a number of services such as teletext, subtitles, EPG, programme reminders and games.

The box is based on the MStar K2 CPU and GS Lanthanum coprocessor that was developed and manufactured by GS Nanotech, a part of the Kaliningrad-based Technopolis GS innovative cluster.

GS Group expects to ship over 11,000 units by the end of this year.

“Consumer devices that elaborate the possibility of mobile TV viewing are now more than ever in demand in the Russian telecommunication market. For our part, we see an intense interest of our subscribers in the “Play. Tricolor” application launched last year for viewing satellite TV on tablets and smartphones. For us it is especially important that GS Group, being a long-term technology partner of Tricolor TV, is able to provide relevant solutions to cater the users’ growing demand,” said Evgeny Mikheichev, head of the technology marketing department of Tricolor TV.

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